Internet Marketing Advantages – Five Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing Online



Internet Marketing Advantages – Five Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing Online

Internet marketing advantages are numerous, with the possibilities endless. If you are looking to provide your existing business with an online presence, or just create a new income for yourself then internet marketing is the way forward. In this day and age I would go so far as to say that if you are in business but do not have an online presence then you are not really in business. The world is changing rapidly; we have to change with it.

One of the prime internet marketing advantages is that you now have access to a worldwide audience. If you are involved with say a network marketing business, you now have the opportunity to connect with people who may be looking for the products that you offer or seeking a business opportunity like the one your company is offering. If you were running a stand at a local market specialising in rare coins and collectibles, think how many people you can now gain exposer too with what you have to offer just by being online, rather than the people who happen to just wander past your stall that morning.

Something that has to rank highly on the list of internet marketing advantages is the cost associated with using it as a medium of promotion compared to other offline methods. In fact you could run your whole marketing campaign without paying a single penny for it. It would cost you nothing to set up a YouTube channel, Facebook page and a Twitter page all promoting your message to the masses and directing them to your website. Article writing is another tried and tested method of online marketing. If you know something about your subject that is associated with your business (I am assuming you do), share it with the world and generate interested prospects in what you have to say to your business.

Other internet marketing advantages are the broad range of mediums in which you can use to promote your product or service. If you are not comfortable writing articles, don’t do it or maybe outsource it. Maybe you are better in front of a video camera and prefer to get your message out that way. If you are a more social person, go to the social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook and interact with people, get them interested in what you do, this will generate great results.

In my opinion however one of the biggest internet marketing advantages is that you can actually target the exact person you want into your business. There is no need to take a scatter gun approach which is often associated with traditional offline marketing. Let’s say you are selling golf clubs a free method to target the exact person you are looking for (golfers) would be to go into an online forum and interact with people. Don’t just spam your business message, genuinely help people and offer value. They will come to know like and trust you and then consider purchasing from you. By creating the relationship, you have removed ninety nine per cent of the barriers to purchasing.

You may also wish to create a paid campaign, where with the major search engines you may create an advert relevant to what someone in your market may be typing into the search engine. Your advert will appear right next to the organic results for the search term. This method is commonly known as pay per click (PPC), and is highly targeted.

Many people also cite the flexibility of running a campaign as one of the main internet marketing advantages. There is no need to commit to a series of adverts over say a six week period, you can stop and start as soon as you want, you can produce content and upload it whenever you want, allowing you to constantly monitor and time your campaigns.